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Current Studies

Economic evaluation of kidney allocation schemes for the ATTOM (Access to Transplantation and Transplant Outcome Measures) study

Children's health state preferences learnt from animation (CHILDSPLA)

Economic evaluation of SmartTarget: Image-guided Diagnosis and Treatment of Localised Prostate Cancer

Investigation of the governance of NHS Foundation Trusts

An ‘On-call’ Facility for International Healthcare Comparisons

International Healthcare Comparisons

Clinical Effectiveness Unit, a partnership between the LSHTM and the Royal College of Surgeons of England

The Clinical Effectiveness Unit carries out national studies of the quality of surgical care. All studies involve collaboration between clinicians and methodologists and aim to provide quantitative information on determinants of variation in process and outcome. The Unit undertakes studies on clinical and cost-effectiveness of surgical interventions. 

Online International Vaccine Economics and Statistics (OLIVES)

Study of the Impact of Salmonella

Study of the Impact of Salmonella

This is only a selected list of the studies currently undertaken by the Health Services Research Unit. For a more comprehensive list please contact Debby Stanley (Department Administrator).

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