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The 'On The Buses' study

There is increasing interest in how transport policies affect the public health, but to date there have been few robust evaluations of specific policies.  The On The Buses study aims to evaluate the impact of the introduction in London of free bus and tram travel for 12-16 year olds in 2005 and for under-18 year olds in 2006.  The aims of this policy included reducing transport exclusion among young people.  This could potentially have a positive effect on the determinants of health and health equity, for example promoting well-being by increasing young people’s access to opportunities in London.  There could also be negative effects, however, such as reducing the amount of healthier ‘active transport’ (e.g. walking and cycling) done by young people.  Increasing the number of trips on buses and trams by young people might also have knock-on effects on other population groups, such as elderly people. 

Using a mixed method, quasi-experimental design, On The Buses aims to provide empirical evidence for the impact of free bus travel on public health, and evaluate the economic costs and benefits.  On this website you can find out more about the study, about the researchers and young people involved, and about the work we’ve produced so far.

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Steinbach on 020 7927 2445 / transportandhealth@lshtm.ac.uk.You can also find out about other relevant studies at the website of the LSHTM's Transport and Health Group. 

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