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Politics and Policy Group (PPG)

Group Head:  Dr Susannah Mayhew

Group Administrator:  Fiona Marquet

Mission Statement

The LSHTM Politics and Policy Group strives to conduct world-class research on the social, ethical and political issues that affect health policies and programmes. The group members work across the natural and social sciences conducting empirical, theoretical and normative analyses.

What we do

PPG aspires to develop the field of health policy analysis to make it more relevant for health and development decision making.

We work in three thematic areas:

We seek to apply, critique and develop theories from a range of disciplines including political science, social policy, policy analysis, international relations, ethics and philosophy. We undertake application and testing of theories through applied case studies and comparative analyses.

The study of power issues is integral to our analyses, particularly the exploration of how power is defined, who holds and claims power and how power influences health policy and outcomes.

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