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Research Degree students linked to HESA

Melisa Martinez-Alvarez (completed) 
An evaluation of Development Assistance for Health in Tanzania: aid effectiveness principles, relationships and their influence on health sector financing

Ana Amaya 
Aid (in)dependence? Promoting long term sustainability in the response to HIV/AIDS - the case of the Global Fund in Peru (DrPH project)

Laura Anselmi
Equity and efficiency in health sector public financing: a study of resource allocation in Mozambique

Maria Bertone
The remuneration structure of health workers: effects on incentives, performance and accountability in Sierra Leone

Katia Bruxvoort
Cluster-randomized trial of text message reminders to retail staff of appropriate practices for dispensing artemether-lumefantrine in drug shops in Tanzania: effect on dispenser knowledge and patient adherence

Antonia Dingle
Equity of access to reproductive and maternal health services in Cambodia: status, measures, determinants and interventions

Luke Harman
Voucher subsidy programmes in low-income settings: learning lessons from agriculture and health (working title)

Justine Hsu

Akudo Ikpeazu
Evaluating the effects of Global Fund grants on human resources for health in Nigeria.

Rachel Irwin (completed)
Global health diplomacy and the World Health Organisation: a social drama

Jin Xu
China's policies on combating "Counterfeit" medicines: navigating between economic and public concerns.

Judith Kabajulizi
Macroeconomic implications of health sector reforms: a computable general equilibrium analysis of Uganda

Mahoko Kamatsuchi 
Accelerating targeted child survival interventions through integrated child health events

Yuka Karasawa

Mary Kawonga 

Dominic Kemps

Yoko Laurence
Yoko's PhD will determine the cost-effectiveness of alternative strategies for screening and managing patients with concurrent tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus.

Lindsay Mangham-Jefferies 
Providers’ knowledge, preferences and practices in treating patients with suspected malaria in Cameroon and Nigeria

Christine Michaels
Exploring youth preferences for an integrated package of sexual and reproductive and HIV services in rural Malawi

Corina Monagin (completed)
Case Study: How are perceptions of risk in wet markets informing policy implementation of emerging infectious disease in Guangdong, China

Gemini Mtei (completed)
Health care financing progressivity and household risk protection in the context of health system financing reforms in Tanzania

Minh Nguyen Hoan   

Chima Onoka
Economic analysis of the market for health insurance in Nigeria: examining the roles of health maintenance organisations (HMOs) and linked health care providers

Catherine Pitt
Catherine's PhD addresses methodological issues arising in health economic evaluations and is focussed specifically on the challenges around measuring and valuing health worker time use in developing countries. 

Midori Sato
Exploring managers' experiences in implementing the Free Health Care Policy in Nepal: which organisational factors influence the implementation of the user-fee abolition policy?

Gillian Stynes (completed)
The aim of the PhD is to characterise the relationship between professional education decisions and migration decisions amongst pharmacists.

M Ali Syed

Suriwan Thaiprayoon
Health and trade negotiations: a case study of the Thai Ministry of Public Health

Noppakun Thammatacharee

Benjamin Tsofa

Inthira Yamabhai
Health implications of patient protection for pharmaceuticals: a case study of Thailand

May Yeung
Factors associated with uptake of influenza vaccine in people aged 50 to 64 years in Hong Kong: a case-control study

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