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Macroeconomic modelling of health and health policy

HESA research into macroeconomics and health focuses on macroeconomic modelling, particularly the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) approach, but also involves retrospective macroeconomic analysis and research into the areas of growth and development, especially the intersections of macroeconomics, economic development, and health.

Our health-focussed macroeconomic models have been used in various contexts including pandemics and outbreaks, dietary change, greenhouse gas reduction strategies, health reforms and methodological development.  The diseases and health conditions we model are broad including infectious disease (including SARS/Flu, antibiotic resistance and malaria), non-communicable disease (particularly diet and lifestyle related illness) and more general applications to capture health effects on productive labour supply.  Countries and regions modelled include Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular but many other country contexts, together with global modelling applications are undertaken.

As well as tailoring macroeconomic models to specific health applications, we also undertake model development and current projects include the integration of epidemiological, demographic and macroeconomic models into a single framework in order to capture interaction and feedback effects beyond those which can be estimated by means of a partial equilibrium or isolated health or economic model.

List of projects (PI and other HESA staff collaborators):

Methodological development of the macro-economic modelling of malaria control in Africa | Richard Smith (PI); Marcus Keogh-Brown | University of Copenhagen | Ghana; Tanzania; Mozambique

The economic burden of anti-microbial resistance (AMR): paper | Richard Smith (PI) | University of Birmingham | Global

GRACE: Genomics to combat Resistance against Antibiotics in Community-acquired LRTI | Richard Smith (PI); Marcus Keogh-Brown | Global

Reducing chronic diseases: the implications of a ‘healthy diet’ for agriculture, trade and food systems | Marcus Keogh-Brown (PI); Richard Smith | Mexico; Thailand

Macroeconomic burden of Alzheimer's disease in China | Marcus Keogh Brown (PI); Richard Smith | China

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