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Economic evaluation of health interventions

The health economists in HESA have a wealth of experience in economic evaluations of health care interventions in low- and middle-income settings. We are approximately ten staff who work almost solely on economic evaluation. While the majority of our studies have traditionally been focused on interventions against communicable diseases, in particular malaria, HIV/AIDS and vaccine preventable diseases, we have recently gained expertise within non-communicable disease areas, such as eye health and weight management interventions. Our preferred study approach is to design economic evaluations alongside clinical trials or observational studies; often in close collaboration with epidemiologists and disease specific experts.

For more information about this area of work please contact Dr. Ulla Griffiths.

List of projects (PI and other HESA staff collaborators):

Malaria in Pregnancy - Economics input | Kara Hanson (PI); Silke Lutzelschwab | The Centre de Recerca en Salut Internacional de Barcelona (CRESIB); Navronga Health Research Centre(NHRC); Papua New Guinea Institute for Medical Research | Brazil; Colombia, Tanzania, Guatemala; Ghana; Papua New Guinea; India; Madagascar; Mali; Nigeria; Papua New Guinea

Cost-effectiveness of financial and non-financial incentives for the retention of physicians, Malawi | Kara Hanson (PI); Kate Mandeville | College of Medicine, University of Malawi | Malawi

Economic evaluation of Seeing is Believing eye care programme | Ulla Griffiths (PI); Fiammetta Bozzani | ZAMBART; Sightsavers Zambia | Zambia

An equity and cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative strategies for the deployment of ACTs at the community level (ACT consortium) | Virginia Wiseman (PI); Lindsay Mangham-Jefferies | Health Policy Research Group, University of Nigeria (Enugu); University of Yaounde | Nigeria; Cameroon 

District burden and costs of severe pneumonia before and after introduction of pneumococcal vaccine in Malawi | Ulla Griffiths (PI); Fiammetta Bozzani | Institute of Child Health, University College London | Malawi

Global cost-effectiveness of efficacious TB vaccines | Ulla Griffiths (PI); Yoko Laurence | Global

Estimation of the cost of meningitis surveillance in Chad | Ulla Griffiths (PI); Ngozi Erondu | Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP) | Chad

Integrated community case management of common diseases of childhood at scale | Betty Kirkwood (PI); Kara Hanson, Anna Vassall, Frida Kasteng | Malaria Consortium | Uganda, Mozambique

Reduction of early mortality among HIV-infected subjects starting ART therapy: a randomised trial (REMSTART) | Shabbar Jaffar (PI); Lorna Guinness | Tanzania Ministry of Health, Tanzania National Institute for Medical Research, Zambia Ministry of Health, Zambia Institute for Medical Research and Training | Tanzania; Zambia

A cluster-randomised trial of health worker and community interventions to improve adherence to national guidelines for the use of ACTs in Tanzania | Hugh Reyburn (PI); Clare Chandler | National Malaria Control Programme; National Institute for Medical Research in Tanzania; Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre | Tanzania

A cost-effectiveness analysis of introducing malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) into the private health sector in Uganda: a randomised trial among drug shops to evaluate impact on antimalarial drug use | Kristian Hansen (PI); Siân Clarke (PI); Eleanor Grieve; Sham Lal; Clare Chandler; Eleanor Hutchinson | Ministry of Health, Uganda; DBL Centre for Health Research and Development, Denmark.

A phase III randomised controlled trial of oral fluconazole plus flucytosine versus amphotericin B-based therapy for one or two weeks for initial treatment of HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis | Shabbar Jaffar (PI); Ulla Griffiths | MRC/DFID joint trials | St Georges; Liverpool School Tropical Medicine, Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme, Ministry of Health (Zambia), University Teaching Hospital Lusaka, University of North Carolina, Kamuzu Central Hospital, University of Paris Descartes; Istitut Pasteur | Zambia; Malawi

Evaluation of the Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme (AGEP) | Fiammetta Bozzani (PI) | Population Council | Zambia

Cost-effectiveness analysis of the Randomised Evaluation of HIV/FP Service Models (REacH) Program | Fiammetta Bozzani (PI) | Population Council | Zambia

Can mass media campaigns reduce child mortality? | Simon Cousens (PI); Josephine Borghi; Frida Kasteng | Development Media International | Burkina Faso

Economic consequences of maternal morbidity | Tim Powell-Jackson (PI) | Bangladesh

Cost-effectiveness of Hib vaccine | Kim Mulholland (PI); Ulla Griffiths; Anne Mills | Johns Hopkins University, USA | Belarus; India; Uzbekistan

Effectiveness of facility-based audits to improve the responsiveness of West African district hospitals to obstetric emergencies: a three-country cluster randomised controlled trial (AUDOBEM) | Catherine Pitt (PI) | Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), Belgium; East European Institute for Reproductive Health (EEIRH), Romania; Centre de Recherche en Reproduction Humaine et en Demographie (CERRHUD) - Benin; Centre Muraz, Burkina Faso; Ministere de la Sante Publique, Niger; Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany | Benin; Burkina Faso 

Intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in children under 5 and bednets (IPTc/ITN trial) | Paul Milligan (PI); Catherine Pitt | Burkina Faso; Mali 

Monitoring and evaluation of the Avahan project in India: impact assessment and cost-effectiveness analyses using enhanced surveillance methods and mathematical modelling of HIV transmission dynamics | Lorna Guinness (PI); Anna Vassall | India 

Assessment of quality of life and societal costs of sequelae from bacterial meningitis in children | Ulla Griffiths (PI) | PATH Senegal | Senegal

The cost-effectiveness of rapid diagnostic tests in home-based management of malaria using artemether-lumefantrine: Cluster-randomised trials in two areas of high and low malaria transmission in rural Uganda | Kristian Hansen (PI); Siân Clarke (PI) | Ministry of Health, Uganda; DBL Centre for Health Research and Development, Denmark.

Cost-effectiveness of four different approaches to malaria diagnosis and treatment in Afghanistan | Toby Leslie (PI); Kristian Hansen; Eleanor Grieve; Amy Mikhail (PI); Mark Rowland (PI)

Assessment of the feasibility to develop, pilot and implement routine unit costing approaches in Kenya | Ulla Griffths (PI); Adrian Gheorghe | Kenya

Economic evaluation of screening & management of hypertension using digital technology in Ghana | Ulla Griffths (PI); Adrian Gheorghe | Ghana

Malaria rapid diagnostic tests in context | Shunmay Yeung (PI); Catherine Goodman (PI); Clare Chandler (PI); David Bath

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