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Literature Searching

  • Once you have completed your search and found the information you need, you must keep track of how you found it, what you have found, and how you used it.


    Remember you must cite all the items you refer to in your published work. There is a lot of guidance online and available from the School on how to cite correctly, construct bibliographies and avoid plagiarism.

    The School's guidelines on citing are published in the Academic Writing Handbook (PDF).

    The Library maintains links to websites explaining academic writingciting references and plagiarism in more detail.


    Once you have completed your literature searches, you will have to keep records on what you have done when. The following resources provide more information on this, plus using EndNote to keep track of your references.

    Keeping notes on your search activities [video, 00:04:18]]

    Importing references to EndNote from databases

    The School's IT Services provides training and help in using reference manager software, including EndNote. Please contact them for more information.


    There is more to managing your information than references, however. The Library can help with a variety of areas, links to more information are provided below.


    Open Access publishing

    Research Data Management

    Keeping within the law


    Freedom of Information [Intranet page only available to current LSHTM staff and students]

    Data Protection [Intranet page only available to current LSHTM staff and students]

    Records Management [Intranet page only available to current LSHTM staff and students]

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