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About the Library's print collections

  • Locating print journals in the Library


    Journal titles can be found by searching in Discover. Print journals are arranged alphabetically by title, and are split by date (see below).


    Journals published from 2015 onwards are kept in the Gallery.  Access to the Gallery is off the Wellcome Gallery in the Library.


    Journals published from 2010-14 are kept in the Basement Store.  Requests for items from the Basement Store should be made using a Basement Form and submitted to Library staff at the Enquiries Desk.  Material requested will be collected at 11.30 and 16.30 Monday-Friday, and will be available for collection from the Enquiries Desk..

    Prior to 2010

    Journals published prior to 2010 are in the Off-Site Store – requests for items from the Store should be made using an Off-Site Store Request Form and submitted to Library staff at the Enquiries Desk. Material requested will be available for collection from the Enquiries Desk three working days from placing the request. There is a maximum limit of five items per user per collection.


    Index Medicus

    Volumes of Index Medicus are kept in the Head of Library & Archives Services Office. 

    Serials produced by the School

    Serials produced by the School (including the LSHTM Collected Papers and the LSHTM Memoir Series) are kept in the Off-Site Store and can be requested in person at the Enquiries Desk or by using the online request form (see above).

    For further help and assistance, contact the Collection Services team collections@lshtm.ac.uk

  • Locating Reports in the Library

    The Library's report series collection includes series containing statistical data, morbidity and mortality statistics, etc. It is not a collection of one-off reports on specific subjects - these are treated as books or pamphlets. Report series can be located through the Library Catalogue.

    Print report series are arranged geographically, and are held in the Basement Store. Requests for items from the report series collection should be made using a Basement Store Request Form and submitted to Library staff at the Enquiries Desk. Material requested will be available for collection from the Enquiries Desk following the next scheduled daily collection (11.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday). There is a maximum limit of five items per user per collection.

  • Locating books in the Library

    The Library holds over 80,000 print books and are located in a number of areas:

    Main book collection

    The majority of books can be loaned from the Library for either one or two weeks.  The collection reflects the teaching and research being conducted at the School.

    Books published from 1990 are held in the Reading Room and continue into the Barnard Room in the Library. These are shown on the Library catalogue as the location Books.  

    Enquiries Desk

    Heavily used books are held at the Library Enquiries Desk either as overnight copies or reference. Overnight loans must be returned by 09.30am the following week day. These incur a fine of 50p per day if returned late.
    Reference copies of books are also available at the Enquiries Desk. These cannot be removed from the Library.
    Dictionaries and directories for Quick Reference are shelved opposite the Enquiries Desk.


    Books published before 1990 are held in the basement.  Staff do a twice daily collection from the basement at 11:30 and 16:30.  Basement books are requested from the Enquiries Desk using the Basement Store Request form.  

    Secure Room

    The Library holds an extensive collection of rare books and manuscripts, covering a variety of topics relating to smallpox and vaccination, public health, and tropical medicine:

    The Reece Collection
    This contains books and pamphlets on the subject of smallpox and vaccination. Part of the collection was assembled by Dr Richard James Reece, a medical inspector with the Local Government Board and was sold to the Library on his death in 1925. In 1930, Dr Hugh Macewen donated the remainder of the items which together form the Reece Collection.
    The collection consists of 381 books, 53 volumes of press cuttings on smallpox and vaccination (1881-1902) and eight boxes of pamphlets. Items relate to the UK and various other countries.

    The Historical Collection
    This is a collection of over 1000 important works in tropical medicine and public health. There are a few texts which predate 1700, and the earliest book is from 1526, De Epidimia Tractatus by Ulstadius. The eighteenth century is well represented, with works by notable authors such as Benjamin Rush, Ramazini, Thomas Percival, Johann Peter Frank, and the collection includes a copy of the first edition of James Lind's A Treatise of the Scurvy (1753). Nineteenth century texts fall into two broad categories: those concerned with tropical medicine, and those dealing with different epidemic diseases, principally cholera, leprosy, plague and yellow fever. The tropical medicine texts range from studies of particular diseases, to works on climate and health, to studies of medical topography produced by colonial physicians.    

    If you which to view any material held in the Secure Room, please fill out the Secure Room Request form.

  • Pamphlets

    Printed items of less than 100 pages bound in a paper cover are added to the pamphlet collection. Pamphlets are held separately from books in the Gallery. These are shown in the Library catalogue with Pamphlet Collection as location.

    Pamphlets are usually loaned for two weeks.

  • Locating Theses in the Library

    The Library holds PhD theses written by former students of the School. The PhD theses are held from the beginnings of the School. There is also a number of DrPH theses and MPhils held.

    For more information on accessing both print and electronic see Resources Theses page.

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