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A Quick Guide to Using Discover

What is Discover?

Discover is the main place to search for journal articles, books, book chapters, and archives material available from the Library and Archives. It can be searched online via the search box on the Library & Archives Service homepage.

Finding print books and ebooks

Discover lists both print books available in the Library at LSHTM, and electronic books that you can access from anywhere.

  1. Type the title of the book and/or the author’s last name the search box and click Search.
  2. If the book has a ‘Locations’ link, it is a print book on the shelves at LSHTM. Click the Locations link to find out where the books are in the Library.
  3. Make a note of the year of publication and the shelfmark to find items on the shelf e.g. EB 2011, or AHAZ 2008.
  4. If the book has a ‘View Online’ link, it is available electronically.
  5. To view an ebook online, click the title in the Discover record. If you are using Discover outside the School’s network, you will be asked to enter your username and password before getting access.

Finding electronic journal articles and print journals

Discover lists the electronic journal articles which you can access full text PDFs, and print journals available from the Library.

To find an electronic journal article:

  1. Type the article title and/or author in the search box, and click Search.
  2. To view an abstract (if available), click the Details tab underneath the title.
  3. Click the title of the article to check our electronic access holdings.
  4. From the SFX@LSHTM screen, click the red GO option to go to the journal article.

To find a print journal issue:

  1. Search for the title of the journal in the Discover search box.
  2. If the journal is available in print in the Library, click the ‘Locations’ link.
  3. Check the location of the year that you would like to read:
    1. ‘Gallery’ items can be found in the Gallery in the main Library Reading Room.
    2. ‘Journals Store’ items can be requested using an off-site store request form.
    3. ‘Basement’ items can be requested using a basement request form.

Finding Archive material

Discover also holds information on the material held by the Archives service. Use the Discover search box to search for the information that you are interested in, and look for the Archive icon beside the record.

Click on the title to go to the Archives catalogue record. Some items have been digitised and are available online, but items which have not been digitised can be viewed by appointment. Please visit the Archives webpages for more information.

Search Options

You can also use the advanced search to specify certain fields to search e.g. title, author.

When you have carried out your search, use the date limits, or subject tags on the left hand side of the results page to narrow or broaden your results.

Your Library Account

Reserving a book

If all one-week or two-week loan copies of an item are on loan, you can reserve a copy. Once a copy comes back into the Library, it will be kept at the Library Enquiries Desk for you to pick up. You will receive a message in your School email account to let you know the item is available. It will be held for you for four days.

  1. To reserve a copy of an item, find it on Discover.
  2. Click the ‘Request’ link.
  3. Click the ‘Place Hold’ option on the left of the screen, under ‘Item Details’.
  4. Enter your network username and password, and the date you want your request to expire.
  5. Click ‘Place Hold’ to send your request to the system.

Renewing your books

To view details of your Library account and to renew your books:

  1. Click the ‘Loans and Renewals’ option on the top of the Discover screen.
  2. Click ‘Renew Materials’ to view the items you have on loan and to renew them.
  3. Enter your network username and password, then click ‘List Charged Items’.
  4. Choose the items you wish to renew and click the ‘Renew Selected’ Items button.

If your items are overdue, you must contact the Library to renew them. If another Library user has requested an item that you have on loan, you will not be able to renew it and must return it to the Library.

Requesting an interlibrary loan

If we do not have the material you require at LSHTM the interlibrary loans service can try to obtain it for you from another library. You can request journal articles, whole journal issues, book chapters and whole books.

  1. Log into the ‘Inter-Library Loans’ link on Discover.
  2. Select the material type that you are requesting.
  3. Complete the online form. You must agree to the copyright restrictions by choosing ‘Yes’ from the dropdown menu.

Requests for journal articles or book chapters will be sent to you electronically. You will receive an email from the British Library which contains a link to the PDF. Books and issues of journals should be collected from the Enquiries Desk. Each supplied request, or renewal, costs £2.00. This charge is added to your Library account, and must be paid within 30 days.

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