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Web Resources

The Library has found a wide range of useful resources that we have tagged for our users. These can be accessed below through our Diigo account.


AcademicWriting     AdolescentHealth   Africa    Agriculture    Anaesthesia       Archives

Bengoldacre  CEPA  Cancer     CapacityBuilding    Cardiovascular

CitingReferences   ClinicalGuidelines      ClinicalMedicine      ClinicalTrials           CollaborationTools

CommunicationSkills ConferenceProceedings Copyright

CriticalAppraisal  Demography   Dentistry              Dermatology     Development    DisasterMedicine

ENT   Economics   Education

Endocrinology    EnglishLanguage   Entomology   EnvironmentalScience    Epidemiology  EthnicHealth   Europe


Gastroenterology   Gerontology   HEFCE   HIV_AIDS    HealthEconomics  HealthStrategy

Hepatology  Images  InfectionControl     InformationLiteracy    JISC   KnowledgeManagement

Librarianship  LibraryCatalogues  LifeSciences   MaternalHealth  MathsSkills   MedicalStatistics

MobileDevices  Mortality  Musculoskeletal  NGO  Nephrology

Newspapers  Nutrition  OAIG     Oa     OnlineLearning   OpenAccess  OpenAccessImplementationGroup

Ophthalmology  OralHealth    Orthopaedics   Paediatrics      PalliativeCare   Pharmacology   Plagiarism   Policies

Psychiatry  Psychology   PublicHealth   RIN    ReproductiveHealth  ResearchInformationNetwork

ResearchcouncilsUK  Respiratory  Scotland    Sherpa   SocialSciences   SouthAmerica   StudySkills

Surgery  Telephone   Trauma   TravelMedicine  TropicalMedicine

UK   USA  VeterinaryMedicine   Wellcome   


academia  academic   access  advocacy


berlin   blog     book    boycott   business     business models  bycountry     centre    closed

collaboration   commitment   communication    cost     currentresearch

data  data analysis   databases    declaration   developingworld   developments   digital   discussion   doaj

doctor  ebooks    economicanalysis   explanation   filetype:pdf

funding  future     gateway    greyliterature   guide     healthmanagement    history    importance    infectiousdiseases

introduction  journals    legal    librarian    libraries    media:document   milestone   mpg   national

news   nursing   open    open access     opinion   opinions     organisations overview    papers

physician   plos    podcast    princeton  public

publication  publications   publishing    report   reports    repositories research   research management

researchcouncils   researcher  resource     respositories  scholarly   source   standards

statistics  student  study    surf    sustainability       systematicreviews

teacher  universities video videos view


You can also search google to find information on the School website

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You can visit the LAS Blog for updates on Library Services and links to a wide range of other resources.

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