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Department of Pathogen Molecular Biology

Head of Department: David Conway

Department Research Degree Co-ordinator: Sam Alsford

Department Operating Officer: Evelyn Sawyer

Tel: +44 (0)20 7927 2639 Fax: +44 (0)20 7927 2739

Staff in the Department collaborate world wide and have expertise in molecular biology, virology, bacteriology, protozoology, biochemistry and molecular immunology.

The Department of Pathogen Molecular Biology focuses on the molecular biology and genetics of pathogens and their hosts in the context of improving the understanding and control of infectious diseases.

Infectious disease agents studied within the unit include: blue tongue virus; Herpesviridae; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; Helicobacter pylori; Campylobacter jejuni; Clostridium difficile; Yersinia species; Burkholderia pseudomallei; Plasmodium species; Leishmania species; Trypanosoma cruzi and T. brucei and Entamoeba species.

Aspects of pathogen biology of interest include: (i) determining the basic mechanisms of infection of globally important pathogens, particularly by exploiting genome sequence data and allied post genome technologies; (ii) deciphering the genetic diversity of selected disease agents in natural populations and determining its epidemiological impact, (iii) studying immune evasion mechanisms, (iv) exploiting parasitic, bacterial and viral pathogens as model biological systems and (v) developing practical applications including improved diagnostic tests and the identification and characterisation of vaccine candidates and drug targets.

For further information, please browse through our PMBD Academic Staff Profiles