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Performance and Development Review

Performance and Development Review (PDR) is the School’s annual appraisal process.  PDR is a key element of an ongoing performance management and development process where staff have regular meetings with their manager throughout the year to review progress, receive feedback on their performance, discuss and set objectives for the coming year and to explore support and development for their career aspirations.

Key Principles of PDR

PDR is for all School staff regardless of the length of service or length of contract and will usually be carried out annually between June to August.

PDR 2016/2017 Academic Year

During August 2016 we will be introducing an online PDR form, which can be accessed through MyView.  The process for 2016 will be as follows:

  1. PDR is completed using paper based form (as in previous years).
  2. Online PDR will be available in MyView from August 2016 – email notifications will be sent to staff.
  3. Reviewees enter their Objectives and Career Development Plan (Section 1 & 2) into MyView PDR. If you are using 2015 PDR form, this is Part B: Planning for the Next Period and Part C: Forward planning for professional and career development.
  4. MyView PDR remains open and can be updated throughout the year to reflect progress/changes.
  5. Spring 2017 - Reviewees receive an email to notify them of the start of the PDR round 2017

Training and Support

The TED team offer training for both reviewers and reviewees and further details can be viewed here.

PDR Documents

These documents relate to the PDR process in general.

Online PDR

These documents relate to the online PDR process including how to complete the online form in MyView.

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