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Welcome to MyView Self Service

MyView is available to all staff on a permanent or fixed term contract at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Access to and use of this system is restricted to authorised employees at the School.  By logging in you are confirming that you are authorised to use this system and that you will abide by the School’s Information Management and Security Policy.

You can access MyView directly from this page if you are on the School network. If you are accessing this page from outside the School you will need to log in via Remote Desktop. For further details about how to set up remote
desktop on your own computer visit ITS Remote Access Service.

You can log into MyView using your ITS network user ID and password.  Please treat your School ITS password as you would your Bank PIN - do not give it out to anybody as this risks exposing your personal data as well as that of others in the School.  You should also always launch MyView Self-Service from this MyView webpage.

If you have arrived here by mistake please leave immediately.

Before entering MyView please remember that this system contains confidential information so it is important that you log out of MyView if you move away from your computer.  We believe that the data held within MyView is as accurate as possible.  Once you have logged in please check that your personal information is correct.  Feel free to make any necessary updates to your own record.  If there is any data which is incorrect and which you are not able to amend yourself, please contact Human Resources by e-mailing: rladmin@lshtm.ac.uk

I agree to the terms and conditions stated above:



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