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Equality and Diversity Strategy

As the School’s Vision, Mission and Strategy is due to end in 2017, work will be undertaken this year, and into next to develop the new strategy. Therefore, the Equality and Diversity Strategy has been drafted to be flexible in terms of its operation, with an overarching Vision, Strategic Themes and associated Values.  This Strategy fits with the draft School HR Strategy and is in context of the HEFCE Equality and Diversity Statement and Objectives 2016-17.  Attached here is the Strategy Action Plan (pdf), which is subject to review by the Equality and Diversity committee on an annual basis, to monitor progress and to reflect changes in institutional priorities.


“To embrace and value the diversity of the staff and student population and embed equality and diversity activities as an essential element in enhancing the School’s contribution to the improvement of health worldwide.”

The School is committed to providing a working, learning and social environment which is inclusive and supportive; an environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff, students and visitors are respected, and which is free from all forms of discrimination, (both direct and indirect), prejudice, intimidation, harassment and bullying. The School will continue to work towards achieving equality and diversity in all areas of its operations to help fulfil its mission to contribute to the improvement of health worldwide.

It is School policy not to discriminate in any of its functions on grounds of religion and belief (or non-religious beliefs), race (including colour, nationality, citizenship and/or ethnic background), political affiliation, marital or parental status, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, age, sex, gender identity or disability, in order to help create an environment which is both inclusive and supportive for the School’s staff, students and visitors.

Strategic Themes

The strategy covers staff, both academic and professional support as well as students which will be delivered in support of the School’s Mission and Objectives. 

  1. Promoting Equality and Diversity;
  2. Embedding Equality and Diversity in mainstream activities;
  3. Increasing knowledge and awareness of Equality and Diversity issues relating to staff and students and how to address these;
  4. Supporting the School in making successful Athena SWAN and Race Equality Charter Mark applications, and
  5. Developing partnerships to involve staff and students in promoting Equality and Diversity activities throughout the School.

These pick up on the School Vision, Mission and Strategy commitments.


In delivering the Equality and Diversity Strategic Vision and related objectives, the School is Equality and Diversity Committee is committed to the following values

Roles and Responsibilities

It should be noted that the Equality and Diversity Committee is responsible for monitoring the Strategy but is not solely responsible for delivering this. Equality and Diversity is the responsibility of all staff and students. Managers, however, have specific responsibility to ensure that actions are achieved and that Equality and Diversity is embedded in the day to day activities of the School.

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