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ALPHA Workshop Outputs

  1. Mwita W, Urassa M, Isingo R, Ndege M, Marston M, Slaymaker E, Mngara J, Boerma T, Zaba B. HIV prevalence and incidence in rural Tanzania: results from 10 year follow-up in an open cohort study. J.AIDS 2007; 46(5): 616-623.
  2. Lopman B; Nyamukapa C; Mushati P; Mupambireyi Z; Mason P; Garnett GP; Gregson S. HIV incidence in 3 years of follow-up of a Zimbabwe cohort - 1998-2000 to 2001-03: contributions of proximate and underlying determinants to transmission. Int J Epidemiol. 2008; 37:88-105.
  3. Barnighausen T, Hosegood V, Timæus IM, Newell ML. The socioeconomic determinants of HIV incidence: evidence from a longitudinal, population-based study in rural South Africa. AIDS2007; 21(suppl 7):S29-38.
  4. Bärnighausen, T., Tanser, F., Gqwede, Z., Mbizana, C., Herbst, K., Newell, M.L., High HIV incidence in a community with high HIV prevalence in rural South Africa: findings from a prospective population-based study. AIDS 2008; 22: 139-144.
  5. Todd J, Biraro S, Shafer LA, Lutalo T, Ndyanabo A, Bwanika JB, Isingo R, Mwita W, Wringe A, Mushati P, Lopman B, Hallett T, Bärnighausen T, Nyirenda M, Hosegood V, Marston M, Zaba B. Diverse Age Patterns of HIV Incidence Rates in Africa. Abstract accepted for presentation at XVII conference of IAS, Mexico, 2008.
  6. Hosegood V, Floyd S, Marston M, Hill C, McGrath N, Isingo R, Crampin A, Zaba B. Growing up in rural Africa: orphanhood and living arrangements of children in high HIV populations in Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa. Population Studies 2007; 61(3):327-336
  7. Ghys P, Zaba B, Prins M. Survival and mortality of people infected with HIV in low- and middle income countries – results from the extended ALPHA network.Editorial introduction to AIDS, 2007; 21(suppl 6): S1-S4
  8. Murray J, Sonnenberg P, Nelson G, Bester A, Shearer S, Glynn JR. Cause of death and presence of respiratory disease at autopsy in an HIV-1 seroconversion cohort of Southern African gold miners. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S97-S104.
  9. Peters PJ, Meinzen-Derr J, Karita E, Kayitenkore K, Kim D-J, Tichacek A, Allen SA for the Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group. HIV-infected Rwandan women have a high frequency of long-term survival. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S31-37.
  10. Rangsin R, Piyaraj P, Sirisanthana T, Sirisopana N, Short O, Nelson KE. The natural history of HIV-1 subtype E infections in young men in Thailand with up to 14 years of follow-up. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S39-S46.
  11. Nelson KE, Costello C, Suriyanon V, Sennun S, Duerr A. Survival after HIV-1 subtype E (CRF01 A_E) among blood donors and their spouses in northern Thailand. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S47-54.
  12. Van der Paal L, Shafer LA, Todd J, Mayanja BN, Whitworth JAG, Grosskurth H. HIV-1 disease progression and mortality before the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy in rural Uganda. AIDS 2007; 21 (suppl 6): S21-S29.
  13. Isingo R, Zaba B, Marston M, Ndege M, Mngara J, Mwita W, Wringe A, Beckles D, Changalucha J, Urassa M. Survival following HIV infection in the pre-ART era in a rural Tanzanian cohort. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S5-S13.
  14. Lutalo T, Gray RH, Wawer M, Sewankambo N, Serwadda D, Laeyendecker O, Kiwanuka N, Nalugoda F, Kigozi G, Ndyanabo A, Bwanika JB, Reynolds SJ, Quinn T, Opendi P. Survival of HIV-infected treatment-naive individuals with documented dates of seroconversion in Rakai, Uganda. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S15-9.
  15. Todd J, Glynn JR, Marston M, Rangsin R, Lutalo T, Biraro S, Sonnenberg P, Mwita W, Nelson K, Fitzgerald D, Karita E, Zaba B. Time from HIV sero-conversion to death prior to ART: a collaborative analysis of eight studies in six developing countries. AIDS 2007; 21(6): S55-S63;
  16. Marston M, Todd J, Glynn JR, Zaba B. "Net" mortality methods with comparison and summary of HIV-specific "Net survival". AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S65-S71;
  17. Nyirenda, M., et al., Mortality levels and trends by HIV serostatus in ruralSouth Africa. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl.6):S73-S79.
  18. Smith J, Mushati P, Kurwa F, Mason P, Gregson S, Lopman B. Changing patterns of adult mortality as the HIV epidemic matures in Manicaland, Zimbabwe. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S81-86.
  19. Zaba B, Marston M, Crampin A, Isingo R, Biraro S, Barninghausen T, Lopman B, Lutalo T, Todd J. Age- and sex- specific mortality patterns in HIV infected individuals: a comparative analysis of six community studies in five African countries. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S87-S96.
  20. Wringe A, Cremin I, Herbst K, Kasamba I, McGrath N, Mushore P, Todd J, Slaymaker E. A comparative assessment of the quality of age at event reporting in three HIV cohort studies in sub-Saharan Africa. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.
  21. Zaba B, Isingo R, Wringe A, Marston M, Slaymaker E, Urassa M. The influence of timing of sexual debut and first marriage on sexual behaviour in later life: findings from four survey rounds in the Kisesa cohort in northern Tanzania. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.
  22. Lopman BA, Nyamukapa C, Hallett TB, Mushati P, Spark-du Preez N, Kurwa F, Wambe M, Gregson S. The role of widows in the heterosexual transmission of HIV in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, 1998/2003. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.
  23. Bignami-Van Assche S, Guiella G. The impact of HIV risk perception on adolescents’ sexual initiation: a life-table analysis using panel data from rural Malawi. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.
  24. Cremin I, Mushati P, Hallett T, Mupambireyi Z, Nyamukapa C, Garnett G, Gregson S. Measuring Trends in Age at First Sex and Age at Marriage in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, 1998 – 2005. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.
  25. Gregson S, Todd J, Zaba B. Sexual behaviour change in countries with generalised HIV epidemics? Evidence from population-based cohort studies in sub-Saharan Africa. In press, Sexually Transmitted Infections 2009, supplement 1
  26. Biraro S, Shafer L-A, Kleinschmidt I, Karabalinde A, Nalwoga A, Opio A, Madraa E, Whitworth JA, Grosskurth H. Trends in sexual behaviour in a rural Ugandan population cohort where HIV prevalence and incidence are no longer declining. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.
  27. Todd J, Cremin I, McGrath N, Bwanika JB, Wringe A, Marston M, Kasamba I, Mushati P, Lutalo T, Hosegood V, Zaba B. Reported number of sexual partners: comparison of data from four African longitudinal studies. STI 2009; special supplement 1, in press.
  28. Marston M, Cremin I, Floyd S, McGrath N, Todd J, Lutalo T, Nyitenda M, Kasamaba I, Ndyanabo A, Slaymaker E. Trends and patterns in Marriage and time spent single and sexually active in Sub Saharan Africa, a comparative analysis of six community based cohort studies. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.
  29. Boileau C, Clark S, Poulin M, Bignami-Van Assche S, Reniers G, Watkins SC, Kohler HP, Heymann SJ. Sexual and marital trajectories and HIV infection among ever-married women in rural Malawi, 2001-2004. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.
  30. Slaymaker E, Biraro S, Lutalo T, Maher D, Bwanika JB, Kasamba I, Todd J, Zaba B. Trends in age at first sex in Uganda: evidence from DHS data, and longitudinal cohorts in Masaka and Rakai. STI 2009; supplement 1, in press.

ALPHA Collaborative Papers

  1. Lopman B, Smith J, Cook A, Chawira G, Kumogola Y, Zaba B, Urassa M, Isingo R, Boerma T, Ihekweazu C, Ruwnede J, Ndege M, Gregson S. Finding the best questions to identify adult AIDS deaths using Verbal Autopsy tools in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. June 2007. Report to Health Metrics Network.
  2. Hallett TB; Zaba B; Todd J; Lopman B; Mwita W; Biraro S; Gregson S; Boerma JT; ALPHA Network. Estimating incidence from prevalence in generalised HIV epidemics: Methods and validation. PLoS Med 2008; 5:611-622.
  3. Zaba B, Nakiyingi J, Whitworth J, Urassa M, Issingo R, Floyd S, Marston M and Crampin A. HIV and mortality of mothers and children: evidence from cohort studies in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. Epidemiology 2005; 16(3):275-280.
  4. Marston M, Zaba B, Solomon J, Brahmbhatt H, Bagenda D. Estimating the net effect of HIV on child mortality in African populations affected by generalised HIV epidemics. J.AIDS 2005; 38(2):219-27.
  5. Stover J, Walker N, Grassly NC, Marston M. Projecting the demographic impact of AIDS and the number of people in need of treatment: updates to the Spectrum projection package. Sex Transm Infect 2006; 82(suppl III):iii45–iii50.
  6. Mwaluko G, Wringe A, Todd J, Glynn J, Crampin M, Jaffar S, Kalluvya S, Zaba B. The use of data from HIV counselling and testing services for HIV surveillance in Africa.Lancet 2007; 369:612-613.

ALPHA-inspired Member Site Publications

  1. Brahmbhatt H, Kigozi G, F Wabwire. D Serwadda, T Lutalo, F Nalugoda, N Sewankambo, M Kiduggavu, M Wawer, R Gray. Mortality in HIV-infected and uninfected children of HIV-infected and uninfected mothers in rural Uganda. J.AIDS, 2006; 41:504-8.
  2. Shafer L, Biraro S, Kamali A, Grosskurth H, Kirungi W, Madra E, Opio A. HIV Epidemic Trends in Uganda: 1989-2005. XVI International AIDS Conference 2006. Toronto 2006.
  3. Welz T, Hosegood V, Jaffar S, Batzing-Feigenbaum J, Herbst K, and Newell ML. Continued very high prevalence of HIV infection in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: a population-based longitudinal study. AIDS, 2007; 21(11):1467-1472.
  4. Lieve VP, Shafer LA, Mayanja BN, Whitworth JA, Grosskurth H. Effect of pregnancy on HIV disease progression and survival among women in rural Uganda. Trop Med Int Health 2007; 12(8):920-8.
  5. Urassa M, Kumogola Y, Isingo R, Mwaluko G, Makelemo B, Mugeye K, Calleja T, Slaymaker E, Zaba B. HIV prevalence and sexual behaviour changes measured in an Ante-Natal Clinic setting in northern Tanzania. STI 2006; 82(4):301-306.
  6. Kishamawe C, Vissers D, Urassa M, Isingo R, Mwaluko G, Borsboom G, Voeten H, Zaba B, Habbema J, de Vlas S. Mobility and HIV in Tanzanian couples: both mobile persons and their partners show increased risk. AIDS 2006; 20(4):601-608.
  7. Mshana G, Wamoyi J, Busza J, Zaba B, Urassa M. Barriers to accessing antiretroviral therapy in Kisesa, Tanzania: a qualitative study of early rural referrals to the national programme. AIDS Patient Care STDS 2006; 20(9):649-57.
  8. Hosegood V, Timæus IM. The impact of adult mortality on the living arrangements of older people in rural South Africa. Aging Soc 2005; 25:431-444
  9. Hosegood V.; Preston-Whyte E.; Busza J.; Moitse S.; Timæus IM. Revealing the full extent of households' experiences of HIV and AIDS in rural South Africa. Soc Sci Med, 2007; 65:1249–1259
  10. Floyd S, Crampin AC, Glynn JR, Madise N, Mwenebabu M, Mnkhondia S, Ngwira B, Zaba B, Fine PE. The social and economic impact of parental HIV on children in northern Malawi: AIDS Care, 2007; 19(6):781-90.
  11. Hill C, Hosegood V, Newell ML. Children's care and living arrangements in a high HIV prevalence area in rural South Africa. Vulnerable Children Youth Stud 2008; 3(1): 65-77.
  12. Kiwanuka N, Laeyendecker O, Robb M, Kigozi G, Arroyo M, McCutchan F, Eller LA, Eller M, Makumbi F, Birx D, Wabwire-Mangen F, Serwadda D, Sewankambo NK, Quinn TC, Wawer M, Gray R. Effect of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) Subtype on Disease Progression in Persons from Rakai, Uganda with Incident HIV-1 Infection. J Infect Dis. 2008 Feb 11.
  13. Gregson, S, Garnett, GP, Nyamukapa, CA, Hallett, TB, Lewis, JJC, Mason, PR, Chandiwana, SK and Anderson, RM. HIV decline associated with behavior change in Eastern Zimbabwe. Science 2006; 311(5761):664-666.
  14. Hallett TB, Lewis JJ, Lopman BA, Nyamukapa CA, Mushati P, Wambe M, Garnett GP, Gregson S. Age at first sex and HIV infection in rural Zimbabwe. Stud Fam Plann. 2007; 38(1):1-10.
  15. Wringe A, Isingo R, Urassa M, Maiseli G, Manyalla R, Changalucha J, Mngara J, Kalluvya S, Zaba B. Uptake of HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing Services in Rural Tanzania: Implications for Effective HIV Prevention and Equitable Access to Treatment. Trop Med Int Health, 2007; 13(3):319-327.
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  17. Jahn A, Floyd S, Crampin A, Mwaungulu F, Mvula H, Munthali F, McGrath N, Mwafilaso J, Mwinuka V, Mangongo B, Fine PEM, Zaba B, Glynn JR. Population level-impact of HIV on adult mortality and early evidence of reversal following roll-out of antiretroviral therapy in Malawi. Lancet, 2008; 371(9624):1603-11.
  18. McGrath N, Kranzer K, Saul J, Crampin A, Malema S, Kachiwanda L, Zaba B, Jahn A, Fine P, Glynn J. Estimating the need for anti-retroviral treatment and an assessment of a simplified HIV/AIDS case definition in rural Malawi. AIDS 2007; 21(suppl 6): S105-S113.
  19. Rice BD, Bätzing-Feigenbaum J, Hosegood V, Tanser F, Hill C, Barnighausen T, Herbst K, Welz T, Newell ML. Population and antenatal-based HIV prevalence estimates in a high contracepting female population in rural South Africa. BMC Public Health. 2007;7(147):160.
  20. Birdthistle IJ, Floyd S, Machingura A, Mudziwapasi N, Gregson S, Glynn JR. From affected to infected? Orphanhood and HIV risk among female adolescents in urban Zimbabwe. AIDS 2008; 22(6):759-66.
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  24. Roura M, Wringe A, Urassa M, Busza J, Mbata D, Nsigaye R, Nhandi B, Changalucha J, Zaba B. ART availability and HIV normalisation: Results from a qualitative study in a semi-rural ward in Magu district, North Tanzania. Submitted, J Int Assoc Physicians AIDS Care. 2008.
  25. Wringe A, Roura M, Urassa M, Busza J, Athanas V, Zaba B. Doubts, denial and divine intervention: Understanding delayed attendance and poor retention rates at a HIV treatment programme in rural Tanzania. AIDS Care, 2008; in press.

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