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Division of Education Management Staff

School-wide leads

Della Freeth Pro-Director, Learning & Teaching (Head of Division)
John Peck Academic Registrar (Head of Student Support Services)

Taught Programme Leads

Hannah Babad Taught Programme Director for PHP and Associate Dean of Education (Student Experience & Programme Support)
Graham Clark Associate Dean of Education (Quality Management & Enhancement)
Nick Dorrell Taught Programme Director for ITD
Craig Higgins Taught Programme Director for EPH  and Associate Dean of Education (Technology-enhanced Learning & Teaching)

See Taught Programme Contacts page for further contact details for MSc Programme Directors and Administrators. 

Research Degrees leads

Simon Cohn and Nicki Thorogood Research Degrees Directors, PHP
Simon Cousens and Suzanne Filteau Research Degrees Directors, EPH
Ron Behrens and Jayne Webster Research Degrees Directors, ITD

For information on Department Research Degree Directors (DRDCs) and Faculty Research Degree Administrators (FRDAs), please see relevant Research Department pages accessible via the Academic Faculties page.

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