Mrs Aniek Woodward


Professional Support Pathway
Researcher and Tutor

A year before joining LSHTM, Aniek obtained her degree in International Public Health at the VU University of Amsterdam. Her MSc dissertation focused on the consequences of the implementation of a health care insurance bill on the accessibility of obstetric care for undocumented migrants in Amsterdam. In the first months after Aniek moved to London, she worked on various sexual and reproductive health research projects in the voluntary sector.

In October 2009 she joined LSHTM as a Researcher. Working closely together with Natasha Howard, she analysed a cross-sectional study on the sexual and reproductive health of refugees in Guinea, resulting in several publications. She has also been involved in a project on the basic package for health services in Afghanistan, and contributed to a systematic review on the evidence of public health interventions in humanitarian crises. 

End 2010 Aniek started teaching at LSHTM. Currently she is a Distance Learning Tutor on five modules of the MSc in Public Health and one module of the MSc Global Health Policy. She worked for two years as a Deputy Module Organiser on the distance 'Issues in Global Health Policy' module and a Seminar Lead for the in-house ‘Conflict and Health’ module.


Professional Support Services
Distance Education and Professional Development Office
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre


Issues in Global Health Policy, Globalisation & Health, Issues in Public Health, Conflict and Health, Sexual Health and Basic Epidemiology


Additionally, Aniek works for the King's Centre for Global Health (KCGH). In 2011 she obtained a research bursary to develop a research proposal and conduct some preliminary scoping and feasibility work. During that summer she was also part of project that reviewed literature on e-Health in fragile states. Since September 2012 she leads a research project on the career pathways and experiences of young doctors in Sierra Leone.

She currently also coordinates a research agenda setting exercise for the Thematic Working Group on Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict Affected States (a member organisation part of Health Systems Global).

Research Area
Health systems
Maternal health
Sexual health
Health workers
Global Health
Development studies
Policy analysis
Social Sciences
Sierra Leone
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Health systems research in fragile and conflict-affected states: a research agenda-setting exercise.
Woodward, A. ; Sondorp, E. ; Witter, S. ; Martineau, T. ;
Health Res Policy Syst
HIV knowledge, risk perception and avoidant behaviour change among Sierra Leonean refugees in Guinea.
Woodward, A.; Howard, N.; Kollie, S.; Souare, Y.; von Roenne, A.; Borchert, M.;
Diffusion of e-health innovations in 'post-conflict' settings: a qualitative study on the personal experiences of health workers.
Woodward, A. ; Fyfe, M. ; Handuleh, J. ; Patel, P. ; Godman, B. ; Leather, A. ; Finlayson, A. ;
Hum Resour Health
Perspectives on reproductive healthcare delivered through a basic package of health services in Afghanistan: a qualitative study.
Howard, N. ; Woodward, A. ; Patel, D. ; Shafi, A. ; Oddy, L. ; Ter Veen, A. ; Atta, N. ; Sondorp, E. ; Roberts, B. ;
BMC Health Serv Res
Where’s the evidence? A systematic review of the evidence base for health interventions in humanitarian crises.
Blanchet, K.; Sistenich, V.; Ramesh, A.; Frison, S.; Warren, E.; Hossain, M.; Knight, A.; Lewis, C.; Smith, J.; Woodward, A.; Dahab, M.; Pantuliano, S.; B., R.
RSM Global Health Conference - Generating Knowledge for Health: the Post-2015 Challenge
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea III: maternal health.
Howard, N. ; Woodward, A. ; Souare, Y. ; Kollie, S. ; Blankhart, D. ; von Roenne, A. ; Borchert, M. ;
Confl Health
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea IV: Peer education and HIV knowledge, attitudes, and reported practices.
Woodward, A. ; Howard, N. ; Souare, Y. ; Kollie, S. ; von Roenne, A. ; Borchert, M. ;
Confl Health
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