Professor Ricardo Uauy


Ricardo Uauy's Background

Ricardo Uauy MD PhD a citizen of Chile is Professor of Public Health Nutrition at LSHTM since 2002. He has wide-range training in Medical Sciences including Medical Degree with USA board certification specialty training in Pediatrics (Harvard) and Neonatology (Yale) also has a Doctoral Degree (MIT) in nutritional biochemistry focusing on protein needs of older people.  His career is marked by applied nutritional biomedical research across all age groups, and over the past 10 years since coming to LSHTM by the controlled evaluation of population-based nutritional intervention programmes. He has served as an expert in multiple expert committees (WHO/FAO/UNICEF/UNU). Most notably chaired the WHO/FAO TRS 916 (2003) diet nutrition and chronic disease prevention report that lead to the development of the global strategy on diet and physical activity prevention of NCDs (WHO-2005). He presided the International Union of Nutrition Sciences (ICSU body on Nutrition) from 2004 to 2009 and also 2001-07 was a member of the board of the IPA (International Pediatric Association). His research interests include essential fatty acid metabolism across the life span, childhood obesity, and nutritional needs of older people; he seeks to apply the best science in developing and evaluating nutritional intervention programs and policies.


Ricardo Uauy's Affiliation

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