Dr Nicki Thorogood

Associate Professor
in Sociology

My first degree was in sociology and social anthropology and I have a PhD in the sociology of health from the University of London. Before coming to LSHTM (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) in 1999 I held posts teaching Sociology at Middlesex University and at Guy's King's and Thomas’s School of Medicine and Dentistry (GKT).

I also have a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and am a UKCP accredited practitioner.


Department of Social and Environmental Health Research
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Global Mental Health


I have over 25years experience of teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students and I currently supervise several research degree students who are working in a wide range of areas. I am Organiser for the Sociological Approaches to Health Module 

I am co -author with Judith Green of Qualitative Methods for Health Research, third edition (London:Sage 2014) and Series Editor, with Rosalind Plowman, of the Understanding Public Health series of textbooks published by Open University Press.



My research interests are primarily in qualitative research into aspects of ‘identity’, e.g. ethnicity, gender, disability and sexuality and in the sociology of the body.

I am currently involved in study of a primary care intervention to address obesity. I am a member of the Centre for Global Mental Health and I am interested in the intersection of mental health with public health and health promotion. 

Research Area
Health promotion
Qualitative methods
Disease and Health Conditions
Mental health

Selected Publications

The domestication of an everyday health technology: A case study of electric toothbrushes
Carter, Simon; Green, Judith; Thorogood, Nicki
Social Theory & Health
A pragmatic randomised controlled trial in primary care of the Camden Weight Loss (CAMWEL) programme.
Nanchahal, K.; Power, T.; Holdsworth, E.; Hession, M.; Sorhaindo, A.; Griffiths, U.; Townsend, J.; Thorogood, N.; Haslam, D.; Kessel, A.; Ebrahim, S.; Kenward, M.; Haines, A.;
BMJ Open
Perceptions of childhood immunization in a minority community: qualitative study
Henderson, L.; Millett, C.; Thorogood, N.
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
Weight management in general practice: views of patients, nurses and general practitoners in the UK
Nanchahal, K.; Hirani, V.; Townsend, J.; Wellings, K.; Thorogood, N.; Haslam, D.
International Journal of Obesity
Home is where the hearth is: grant recipients' views of England's home energy efficiency scheme (Warm Front).
Gilbertson, J.; Stevens, M.; Stiell, B.; Thorogood, N.; Warm Front Study Group, .;
Soc Sci Med
Qualitative Methods for Health Research
Green, J.; Thorogood, N.
Introducing Qualitative Methods
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