Wolf-Peter Schmidt MD MSc PhD

Assistant Professor in Epidemiology


Wolf graduated as medical doctor in 2000. He worked in general medicine until 2001, and then started research in neuroepidemiology and cardiovascular epidemiology at the Institute of Epidemiology and Social Medicine at the University of Muenster/Germany. He obtained his Master in Control of Infectious Diseases at LSHTM in 2004. Since 2004 he has been working for IDEU and DCVBU at LSHTM, finishing his PhD in epidemiology in 2010. 




Wolf is involved in teaching the modules basic statistics and analysis and design of research studies


Wolf is interested in epidemiological methods and study design, especially with regard to infectious diseases such as diarrhoea and childhood pneumonia. Currently he is supporting research on water, sanitation and hygiene for the Environmental Health Group with particular emphasis on evaluating health promotion campaigns and behaviour change studies. He is also interested in dengue fever and HIV epidemiology.

Research areas

  • Complex interventions
  • Environment
  • Hygiene
  • Water


  • Epidemiology
  • Medicine

Disease and Health Conditions

  • Diarrhoeal diseases


  • South Asia


  • India
  • Japan
  • Vietnam

Other interests

  • Child Survival
  • Dengue Fever
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