Dr Jennifer Rogers BSc MSc PhD GradStat

Lecturer of Medical Statistics and Statistican for the Methodology Hub at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit


I completed my BSc in Mathematics and Statistics in 2006 at Lancaster University.  I then remained at Lancaster University for my MSc in Statistics, which I received in 2007.  Following this, I moved to the University of Warwick Department of Statistics, where I completed my PhD in Statistics in March 2011, under the supervision of Prof. Jane Hutton.  My thesis is titled  'Statistical Models for Censored Point Processes with Cure Fractions' and develops a new class of statistical models that jointly analyse pre-randomisation seizure rates and post-randomisation survival times in clinical trials for epilepsy.  The application of my thesis was to assess the benefit of immediate versus deferred treatment in those patients with early epilepsy or single seizures. 

I joined the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Department of Medical Statistics as a Research Fellow in May 2011 and was promoted to Lecturer in October 2013.  Since joining the School, my research has mainly focussed on developing and implementing appropriate methodology for the analysis of repeat hospitalisations in patients with heart failure. I was awarded a three year NIHR Post-Doctoral Fellowship in September 2013 for a project titled:'Analysis of Recurrent Events in Clinical Trials'. 

Appointments that I hold or have held are:

In addition to these formal appointments, I am a STEM ambassador for STEMNET and am a speaker for Maths Inspiration.  I also give various other lectures or performances for school children and the public in general throughout the year.  More notable of these include Science Showoff (you can listen to the podcast for the event here) and being the guest speaker at the National Cipher Challenge Prizegiving at Bletchley Park.  I am also a regular contributor to Statistics Views.

I have had a number of media interactions, namely:

Please see my LinkedIn profile for more information: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jkrogers.




I have been involved in teaching on Probability, Survival Analysis, Robust Methods and Advanced Statistical Methods.

I am currently the module leader for Probability.


My research is focussed on cardiovascular disease and I am currently investigating methods for handling recurrent heart failure hospitalisations as an alternative to the more standard composite endpoints in randomised clinical trials.  The focus of my NIHR project is the development of new statistical models for the analysis of recurrent hospitalisations in heart failure in the presence of dependent censoring.  This will involve me investigating the relationship between recurrent heart failure hospitalisations and the competing risk of cardiovascular death.  I will also be considering new statistical methodology that models the dependency structure between recurrent hospitalisations in general and in the lead up to cardiovascular death.

I have an honorary post at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL where I am unvestigating the prevalence of violations of the proportional hazards assumption in the analysis of survival data and the subsequent consequences associated with misspecification of the survival model.

Research areas

  • Methodology
  • Randomised controlled trials


  • Medicine
  • Statistics

Disease and Health Conditions

  • Cardiovascular disease

Other interests

  • Latent Variable Modelling
  • Recurrent Events
  • Survival Analysis
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