Stuart Pocock BSc MSc PhD

Professor of Medical Statistics


Stuart has been professor of medical statistics in the School since 1989.   His main research interests concern randomised clinical trials, both in statistical methods for their design, monitoring, analysis and reporting, and also in collaborations on specific major trials especially in cardiovascular disease.   He directs an experienced group of academic medical statisticians, who collaborate widely on clinical trials research, from planning to publication.   A particular expertise is in data monitoring and as an independent statistical centre for industry-sponsored trials.   Stuart and his group also research on epidemiology, especially pharmaco-epidemiology, meta-analyses, and journal reporting guidelines.   Stuart's international collaborations are diverse, and include particular long-standing relationships with research institutes in Madrid and New York.   He is a frequent lecturer/teacher at international conferences, workshops and short courses.



Research areas

  • Clinical trials
  • Statistical methods


  • Epidemiology
  • Statistics

Disease and Health Conditions

  • Cardiovascular disease
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