Debora Pedrazzoli


Research Fellow

I am a Research Fellow in the  Centre for Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases  (CMMID) and the TB Centre at LSHTM. I am also a member of the  TB Modelling Group.

Before joining the school I worked as an epidemiologist at Public Health England in the Tuberculosis section at the Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control. Prior to this, I worked in East Africa with the United Nations in international development, with a focus on public health interventions.

Recently, I acted as a consultant for the United Nations World Food Programme and the World Health Organization in Afghanistan and Nepal for the evaluation of their food transfer programmes to TB patients.

I obtained my degree in Economics from Bocconi University in Italy in 2005 and an MSc in Public Health in Developing Countries from LSHTM in 2009.


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology


Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases
Tuberculosis (TB) Centre


I supervise tutorials for the LSHTM MSc modules “Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Diseases” and “Social Epidemiology”.


I currently provide epidemiological and mathematical modelling support to countries during their submission to the Global Fund under the ‘New Funding Model’, by applying and developing the TIME Impact and One Health tools in Spectrum.

My primary interest is in the socio-economic epidemiology of TB. My research focuses on modelling the impact of social and structural drivers on TB epidemiology, and in evaluating interventions to address TB and social inequalities.

Research Area
Health inequalities
Disease control
Global Health
Mathematical modelling
Disease and Health Conditions

Selected Publications

Mind the gap: TB trends in the USA and the UK, 2000-2011.
Nnadi, C.D.; Anderson, L.F.; Armstrong, L.R.; Stagg, H.R.; Pedrazzoli, D.; Pratt, R.; Heilig, C.M.; Abubakar, I.; Moonan, P.K.;
Towards better guidance on caseload thresholds to promote positive tuberculosis treatment outcomes: a cohort study.
Stagg, H.R. ; Abubakar, I. ; Brown, J. ; Lalor, M.K. ; Thomas, H.L. ; Mohiyuddin, T. ; Pedrazzoli, D. ; Merle, C.S. ;
TIME Impact - a new user-friendly tuberculosis (TB) model to inform TB policy decisions.
Houben, R.M. ; Lalli, M. ; Sumner, T. ; Hamilton, M. ; Pedrazzoli, D. ; Bonsu, F. ; Hippner, P. ; Pillay, Y. ; Kimerling, M. ; Ahmedov, S. ; Pretorius, C. ; White, R.G. ;
Towards cash transfer interventions for tuberculosis prevention, care and control: key operational challenges and research priorities.
Boccia, D. ; Pedrazzoli, D. ; Wingfield, T. ; Jaramillo, E. ; Lönnroth, K. ; Lewis, J. ; Hargreaves, J. ; Evans, C.A. ;
BMC Infect Dis
Risk factors for the misdiagnosis of tuberculosis in the UK, 2001-2011.
Pedrazzoli, D. ; Abubakar, I. ; Potts, H. ; Hunter, P.R. ; Kruijshaar, M.E. ; Kon, O.M. ; Southern, J. ;
Eur Respir J
Does antiretroviral therapy reduce HIV-associated tuberculosis incidence to background rates? A national observational cohort study from England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
Gupta, R.K. ; Rice, B. ; Brown, A.E. ; Thomas, H.L. ; Zenner, D. ; Anderson, L. ; Pedrazzoli, D. ; Pozniak, A. ; Abubakar, I. ; Delpech, V. ; Lipman, M. ;
Lancet HIV
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