Alex Mold BA PhD

Associate Professor in History

About Alex Mold

Deputy Director, Centre for History in Public Health


I have a BA in Medieval and Modern History and a PhD in Modern History, both from the University of Birmingham. I joined the School in July 2004 to work with Virginia Berridge on an ESRC funded project on the drug voluntary sector and user groups from the 1970s to the present. From 2007-2012 I held a Wellcome Trust History of Medicine University Award. This project was concerned with the construction of the patient as consumer from the 1960s to the present. In 2013, I was awarded a Wellcome Trust New Investigator Award.  This project focuses on the place of public in public health in Britain since 1948.  





I organise the History and Health module and I am also a seminar leader on Principles of Social Research.  I am a tutor on the MSc in Public Health, and I give lectures on a number of other modules.  I currently supervise two PhD students who are working on topics connected to the recent history of public health in Britain.  


My research interests revolve around the contemporary history of medicine and health in Britain. I have worked on the history of illegal drugs, the role of the voluntary sector in health service provision, the history of health rights and the emergence of patient consumerism.  I am now working on a new project which will look at the place of the public in public health in Britain since 1948. Whether it involves appealing to individuals to stop smoking, or asking patients what they think of health services, the ‘public’ is constantly constructed and reconstructed within public health policy and practice.  This project seeks to historicise these concerns, aiming to explore and explain the changing place of the public within public health in post-war Britain. 



Research areas

  • Public health history


  • History
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