Mark Jordans PhD

Honorary Senior Lecturer


I am a child psychologist and work as Head of Research for HealthNet TPO in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and as Senior Lecturer, IoPPN King's College London. My work focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of psychosocial and mental health care in fragile states, especially for children in adversities. I have directed intervention and research programs for torture survivors, children affected by political violence, former child soldiers, refugees and trafficked youth in Nepal, Burundi, Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sri Lanka. Since 2004, I have worked on developing and evaluating a psychosocial care package for children in areas or armed conflict, which has resulted in a web-based toolkit ( In 2005 I have co-founded TPO Nepal, a mental health NGO in Nepal. TPO Nepal has been responsible for the provision of psychosocial support during the resettlement process of Bhutanese refugees, the operationalization of the IASC Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Guidelines in Nepal, the drafting of the National Minimum Care Standards for Victims of Human Trafficking, development of a counselling training curriculum for para-professionals that has been adopted and accredited nationally as the minimum standard. My area of interest is the interplay between research and intervention development in order to build sustainable and effective care systems in humanitarian settings. Currently, I am involved in several multi-country research programs that focus on the integration of mental health into primary health care (PRIME mhBeF, as well as mental health system strengthening (EMERALD  




I teach in the MSc course in Global Mental Health (LSHTM and KCL/IoPPN), in brief course in Mental Health in Complex Emergencies (HealthNet TPO & Fordam University), LSHTM/WHO Short Course on Adolescent Health in Low and Middle Income Countries, and in the MSc course in Medical Anthropology and Sociology (University of Amsterdam).  


Currently I am involved in several research programs that focus on the integration of mental health into primay health care, developing and evaluating community-based mental health services, and expanding a psychosocial and mental health care package for children. I am especially interested in the development of psychosocial and mental health care in complex emergencies and for children & adolescents.


  • Burundi
  • Nepal
  • Sudan
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