Dr Bernadette Hensen


Research Fellow

I first joined the School in 2009, after completing the MSc Control of Infectious Diseases and working in Zambia with various NGOs to implement a comprehensive HIV care and prevention programme for OVC. During this time I worked as a programme manager for ZAMSTAR and my research focussed primarily on HIV testing and I subsequently started a PhD in Epidemiology, exploring strategies to increase the uptake of HIV testing services among men in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Zambia. I currently work as an epidemiologist supporting two trials of community-based distribution of HIV testing services, including one under the STAR -: project. I also support a study in Zimbabwe, which aims to evaluate the impact of DREAMS among young women at highest risk of HIV in Zimbabwe. 


Department of Clinical Research


I currently teach on Basic Epidemiology and mark for the DL courses ASME and Writing and reviewing epidemiological papers. 


I am an epidemiologist with a particular interest in the control and prevention of HIV and other STIs. I am particularly interested in the structural and social drivers of HIV risk, their influence on access to available prevention services and developing and evaluating programmes to reach populations with limited access to available services. I am also interested in how place and social networks influence access to health services. My research to date has mainly focussed on strategies to increase uptake of HIV testing services, as a gateway prevention and care. I currently work on two HIV self-testing trials and an impact evaluation of the DREAMS initiative, a combined package of interventions to reduce the risk of HIV among adolescents girls and young women, in Zimbabwe. 

Research Area
Sexual health
Disease control
Impact evaluation
Operational research
Disease and Health Conditions
Sexually transmitted infection
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Interventions to strengthen the HIV prevention cascade: a systematic review of reviews.
Krishnaratne, S. ; Hensen, B. ; Cordes, J. ; Enstone, J. ; Hargreaves, J.R. ;
Lancet HIV
Factors Associated with HIV-Testing and Acceptance of an Offer of Home-Based Testing by Men in Rural Zambia.
Hensen, B.; Lewis, J.J.; Schaap, A.; Tembo, M.; Mutale, W.; Weiss, H.A.; Hargreaves, J.; Ayles, H.;
AIDS Behav
Trends in Socioeconomic Inequalities in HIV Prevalence among Young People in Seven Countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.
Hargreaves, J.R. ; Davey, C. ; Fearon, E. ; Hensen, B. ; Krishnaratne, S. ;
PLoS One
Frequency of HIV-testing and factors associated with multiple lifetime HIV-testing among a rural population of Zambian men.
Hensen, B. ; Lewis, J.J. ; Schaap, A. ; Tembo, M. ; Vera-Hernández, M. ; Mutale, W. ; Weiss, H.A. ; Hargreaves, J. ; Stringer, J. ; Ayles, H. ;
BMC Public Health
Systematic review of strategies to increase men's HIV-testing in sub-Saharan Africa.
Hensen, B.; Taoka, S.; Lewis, J.J.; Weiss, H.A.; Hargreaves, J.;
Universal voluntary HIV testing in antenatal care settings: a review of the contribution of provider-initiated testing & counselling.
Hensen, B.; Baggaley, R.; Wong, V.J.; Grabbe, K.L.; Shaffer, N.; Lo, Y.R.; Hargreaves, J.;
Trop Med Int Health
From caution to urgency: the evolution of HIV testing and counselling in Africa.
Baggaley, R. ; Hensen, B. ; Ajose, O. ; Grabbe, K.L. ; Wong, V.J. ; Schilsky, A. ; Lo, Y.R. ; Lule, F. ; Granich, R. ; Hargreaves, J. ;
Bull World Health Organ
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