Stefanie Ettelt MA MSc DrPH

Associate Professor in Health Policy


I have got a first degree in Political Science and Literature from the University of Bonn and spent several years working as a senior media officer in an international development organisation. I then made a career change into academia after graduating from LSE with an MSc in Health, Population and Society and have completed a Doctorate in Public Health at the LSHTM. My interests are in health policy, political decision-making, health system comparisons and the relationship between evidence and policy.




I am a tutor on the MSc Health Policy, Planning and Finance and a seminar leader and lecturer on Health Policy, Process and Power. I also co-organise the DrPH Evidence-based Health Policy and Practice module and advise DrPH students on their Organisational & Policy Analysis reports.


I am currently involved in two projects that examine the relationship between evidence and policy. The first project aims to better understand the role of policy pilots and evaluations in policy-making in England and to make recommendations on how both can be used more effectively. I am currently conducting a follow-on study that examines the perspective of local authorities on national policy piloting in social care. The second project aims to improve the use of evidence in health policy by applying insights from political science to the analysis of a larger set of countries (Getting Research into Policy, GRIP), with a particular focus on using institutions as a lens for analysis. I am particularly analysing the role of scientific evidence in informing policy in Germany, including in Parliament, the corporatist self-administration in health care, and by social courts.

I also contribute to the Policy Innovation Research Unit. Most recently, I have led the process evaluation aspects of the evaluation of the Direct Payments in Residential Care Trailblazers. This evaluation is currently being written up and a final report has been published.

Earlier in my career at the LSHTM, I was involved in a programme funded by the Department of Health that provides international healthcare comparisons as an 'on-call' service to the Department to inform policy-making. I have retained in interest in comparative policy and political analysis, most recently by comparing the policy processes, debate and evidence use in relation to electronic cigarette policy in England and Germany.

Research areas

  • Evidence use
  • Health care financing
  • Health care policy
  • Health policy
  • Health systems
  • Public health
  • Research : policy relationship


  • Policy analysis
  • Political science
  • Social Policy
  • Social Sciences
  • Socio-legal studies


  • European Union


  • Germany
  • United Kingdom

Other interests

  • Evaluation
  • Evidence-based Policy
  • Evidence-informed health policy making
  • evidence into policy
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