Christian Bottomley PhD

Lecturer (Medical Statistics and Epidemiology)

Christian Bottomley's Background

I obtained a PhD in mathematical biology from University College London (UCL) in 2006. Since then I have worked as a medical statistician in the Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences at UCL, before joining the Tropical Epidemiology Group in June 2008.

Christian Bottomley's Affiliation

Christian Bottomley's Teaching

I am a course organizer for Design and Analysis of Epidemiological Studies (DANES) and  teach on the courses Bayesian Statistics and Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology (ASME).

Christian Bottomley's Research

My research interests are in statistics, mathematical modelling and epidemiology.

I collaborate with invetigators in the Gambia on studies evaluating the impact of pneumococcal vaccination.

I am also involved with an epidemiological study of Epilepsy in Africa,  a cluster randomised trial of a complex intervention that aims to improve physical and mental health among Londoners and the trial of an intervention for reducing mortality among individuals recently infected with HIV.

Research areas

  • Clinical trials
  • Complex interventions
  • Modelling


  • Epidemiology
  • Statistics

Disease and Health Conditions

  • Infectious disease
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