Mike Bennett


Honorary Research Fellow

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Mike's first degree was in Physics, but since 1975 he has worked mainly in computing support and/or computer training in a number of public sector organisations. These have included the Fire Research Station, the Central Electricity Generating Board, the Central Statistical Office, the Local Government Ombudsman and the British Institute of Radiology. In 1977 he completed a MSc in Computer Science at Hatfield Polytechnic. Having trained as a scientist, he has always been interested in statistics, and in the 1980s he completed a number of Statistics courses with the Open University (For which he has now been awarded a BA). His past work has included developing the database for the UK Fire Statistics, and supporting some of the National Accounts databases for the Central Statistical Office.

For 10 years Mike provided first line computing support to the Department. After 'retiring' in September 2008, Mike worked part time providing support to a number of studies and clinical trials. Mike now has an Honorary post as an adviser on  web and database applications.

Mike has contributed to the following studies and trials:

Cardiovascular Risk Score

Angina Risk Score

Murray Score Calculator

The Opal Study

The OPEN Study

The CHiP trial


First Steps


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