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I undertook postgraduate training in gastroenterology and nutrition at the University of Cambridge. I have undertaken overseas research in various countries, including The Gambia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tanzania. I have advised multi-nationals organisations on health issues and policy in overseas sites and contributed to health policy and safety of overseas workers. I continue to contribute to health policy bodies including, the British Defence forces, NATHNaC and W.H.O. on health threats and diseases associated with travel. My current appointment is as the only NHS Consultant in Travel Medicine, based in theHospital for Tropical Diseases’ Travel Clinic (part time) and as a Senior Lecturer,


Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Department of Clinical Research


Malaria Centre
Vaccine Centre


I contribute to a number of training and educational programmes including the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and teach on a number of master programmes. I provide in service training on travel medicine in my travel clinic.

I run an annual 1 week short course in Travel Medicine, which is now in its 13th year.  I established the 1st online multimedia  course e-learning course in travel medicine which is about to be updated.


My research interest include malaria and its prevention, focusing on the epidemiological risk in travellers to varied destinations and generating  preventative policies based on evidence around the epidemiology of imported malaria.

I have undertaken clinical trials of novel travel diarrhoea vaccines, malaria chemoprophylaxis and malaria treatment drugs.

I contribute to surveillance of imported infectious diseases through a leadership role in a European clinical based network, TropNet. 

I have published over 100 peer review publications covering a range of travel health issues, including the economics and effectiveness of vaccines, malaria prophylaxis, patterns diseases and their relationship to behaviour of travellers, public health management of imported infectious diseases and studies of vaccine efficacy. Recent publications have focused on creating and evidence base for travel associated risks. My recent research has been in collaboration with ARCTEC, exploring the management of insect bites. I have, with the Dept of Clinical Psychology at UCL, completed a study of the effect of needle anxiety in travellers on their comprehension and recall of advice.

I have worked in collaboration with colleagues in the Dept. of Immunology on the NK T-cell responses following administration of rabies and influenza vaccines, via different routes, to volunteers.

Research Area
Clinical guidelines
Clinical trials
Economic evaluation
Health policy
Health promotion
Occupational health
Policy analysis
Disease and Health Conditions
Diarrhoeal diseases
Infectious disease
Tropical diseases
European Union

Selected Publications

Mosquito repellents for travellers.
Stanczyk, N.M. ; Behrens, R.H. ; Chen-Hussey, V. ; Stewart, S.A. ; Logan, J.G. ;
Efficacy and safety of a patch vaccine containing heat-labile toxin from Escherichia coli against travellers' diarrhoea: a phase 3, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled field trial in travellers from Europe to Mexico and Guatemala.
Behrens, R.H. ; Cramer, J.P. ; Jelinek, T. ; Shaw, H. ; von Sonnenburg, F. ; Wilbraham, D. ; Weinke, T. ; Bell, D.J. ; Asturias, E. ; Pauwells, H.L. ; Maxwell, R. ; Paredes-Paredes, M. ; Glenn, G.M. ; Dewasthaly, S. ; Stablein, D.M. ; Jiang, Z.D. ; Dupont, H.L. ;
Lancet Infect Dis
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