Dr Laura Asher


Research Fellow

I am a speciality registrar in public health and I completed the MSc in Epidemiology at LSHTM in 2011. In 2012 I started my PhD project as a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow at LSHTM.


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Population Health


Global Mental Health


My PhD project is on the development and evaluation of a Rehabilitation Intervention for people with Schizophrenia in Ethiopia (RISE). The RISE intervention will be informed by the community-based rehabilitation (CBR) model and will be tested in a cluster randomised trial. RISE is nested in PRIME (Programme for Improving Mental healthcaRE), a 6 year DfID project spanning five countries In Africa and Asia.

Research Area
Clinical trials
Complex interventions
Health services research
Public health
Randomised controlled trials
Disease and Health Conditions
Mental health
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Systematic review of feasibility and acceptability of psychosocial interventions for schizophrenia in low and middle income countries.
Brooke-Sumner, C. ; Petersen, I. ; Asher, L. ; Mall, S. ; Egbe, C.O. ; Lund, C. ;
BMC Psychiatry
Beyond the Biomedical: Community Resources for Mental Health Care in Rural Ethiopia.
Selamu, M. ; Asher, L. ; Hanlon, C. ; Medhin, G. ; Hailemariam, M. ; Patel, V. ; Thornicroft, G. ; Fekadu, A. ;
PLoS One
Development of a Community-Based Rehabilitation Intervention for People with Schizophrenia in Ethiopia.
Asher, L. ; Fekadu, A. ; Hanlon, C. ; Mideksa, G. ; Eaton, J. ; Patel, V. ; De Silva, M.J. ;
PLoS One
Perinatal maternal life events and psychotic experiences in children at twelve years in a birth cohort study.
Dorrington, S. ; Zammit, S. ; Asher, L. ; Evans, J. ; Heron, J. ; Lewis, G. ;
Schizophr Res
Theory of Change: a theory-driven approach to enhance the Medical Research Council's framework for complex interventions.
De Silva, M.J. ; Breuer, E. ; Lee, L. ; Asher, L. ; Chowdhary, N. ; Lund, C. ; Patel, V. ;
The relationship between psychotic symptoms and social functioning in a non-clinical population of 12year olds.
Asher, L. ; Zammit, S. ; Sullivan, S. ; Dorrington, S. ; Heron, J. ; Lewis, G. ;
Schizophr Res
Most older pedestrians are unable to cross the road in time: a cross-sectional study.
Asher, L. ; Aresu, M. ; Falaschetti, E. ; Mindell, J. ;
Age Ageing
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