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Institutional Strategic Support Fund

The Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) is an initiative first introduced by the Wellcome Trust in 2011 that provides financial support to enhance institutional strategies for biomedical sciences.  The School is among the institutions that have been awarded ISSF support from the start.  Under this scheme, Wellcome Trust funds are matched by funds from the School. 

ISSF aims to enhance the generation of new knowledge, to promote innovation, collaboration and knowledge exchange, and to accelerate the application of research to achieve improved health outcomes. 

Current ISSF award

The current award is for the two-year period, 1 October 2014-30 September 2016, with the Trust investing £1M per annum and at least £1M per annum being invested by the School. 

The School’s ISSF is concentrated on the support of individuals and to stimulate greater cohesion and interaction between School staff, wherever they are based, and between staff and their collaborators.

ISSF investment is across the School in four areas:


All enquiries should be directed to Frances Fowler (frances.fowler@lshtm.ac.uk).

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