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Health and Safety at the School

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine prioritises the health, safety and wellbeing of its staff, students, visitors and contractors. The school has an over-arching statement of safety policy and established and responsive safety policies which are reviewed and updated annually.

The school has a dedicated Safety Office, consisting of a School Safety Advisor, an Assistant Safety Advisor and a Safety Administrator. The safety office provides information, training and support to staff and students at the school and maintains the safety intranet, where up to date safety information can be found. This information is available as part of the School's freedom of information schedule. The Safety Office also manages the occupational health service provision for its staff and students and is closely involved in developing and managing the School's business continuity and emergency plans

The School Safety Committee reports to School Council and meets three times a year. Union and student representatives sit on this committee alongside faculty and departmental safety supervisors.  The Committee has continued to consider a range of issues, including health and safety for staff and students working away from any of the School's directly managed sites. There are also 2 sub-committees, the Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC) that deals specifically with the hazards of laboratory-based research, carried out in the School’s London sites, and a Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee (GMAC). The GMAC reports to the LSC. The statutory purpose of the GMAC is solely to advise on the adequacy of any GM risk assessment.

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