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High Rate Taxpayers

Reduce your tax

If you pay income tax at the higher rate of 40%, the School can reclaim tax as if it was paid at the basic rate (20%) and you are able to claim the other 20% back from HM Revenue & Customs in the form of additional relief by showing the donation on your tax return. The amount of tax relief that you receive is based on the total of the gift after the application of Gift Aid.

Using the example from above, this means that you will receive tax relief of 20% (40% - 20%) on £125 and not £100. This additional relief is calculated automatically under self assessment so will not create any additional work for you.

Student stories

The School's high standard, international focus, and well-established collaborations throughout the world attracts students, professionals and esteemed experts from a rich assortment of backgrounds and experience. It is a great privilege to be part of the stimulating environment consequently created, and I can undoubtedly say that my PhD studies at the LSHTM have thus far been one of the most rewarding endeavours of my life.'

Liandre Van der Merwe from South Africa is studying for a PhD in the Department of Epidemiology & Population Health.

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